Sharing Their Stories: Women Supporting Women

The Mulligan Marriage aspires to build a community where women can share, inspire, and connect. I realize that my divorce is only one perspective, and I desire to have a community built on multiple perspectives. On the blog page, you will find articles authored by me, and on the sharing page, you will find a variety of voices.

Meet Elizabeth. She could be your neighbor, your friend, or the stranger passing you on the street. Elizabeth has been through her mulligan and is ready to share advice and the best lessons learned. She hopes that some of her words resonate with you and propel you to embrace your next chance. Elizabeth is the voice of a woman who would like to remain anonymous to be completely open and vulnerable with you.

Sharing a divorce story is not easy, but the women who have been through it are strangers to challenge. Society often sees divorce as a failure, and I applaud the women who step up to the plate, sharing their most vulnerable moments in the hope of inspiring other women. Divorce isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning. The women sharing may have instigated a divorce, been caught off guard, or embraced a ‘conscious uncoupling.’

I invite you to read their stories, and when you are ready, I invite you to share your own