If It Scares You,
It's Probably Worth Trying

Have you ever heard the saying,
“If it scares you, it’s probably worth trying?”

Hi, my name is Lauren, and writing this blog scares the heck out of me! For years I have struggled whether to share my story. Is writing about a period in my life I once referred to as my most significant failure desperate, or would it help other women? Failing a test in school made me a nervous and anxious wreck, so you can only imagine what kind of downward spiral went down after failing in marriage. My happily ever after turned into what I now, a decade later, lovingly refer to as my ‘Mulligan Marriage.’ 

A mulligan, to me, means a second chance. Typically the term is used in golf. It is a player’s opportunity to take a ‘do-over’ on their first shot and try again, this time with a better knowledge of their goal. I want women to grab their second chance at love with gusto and hit their target with a birdie, so I decided to take the leap and share.

I am creating this blog as a resource for women to connect, heal, grow, and kickstart their life again after a divorce. I scoured the internet looking for groups, support, or anything that related to someone near my age who didn’t have kids and was facing a divorce. At the time, the internet told me that if you were divorcing without children, it should be easy. It was not.  

Since none of my girlfriends at the time had been through a divorce, I had virtually no one my age to ask for answers. All I wanted to do was kick back a few glasses of wine, or let’s be real.. a bottle, and figure out what to do next. 

As my experience and the stories of other women unfold, my hope is to give you a resource and the playbook I never had access to. Your divorce will look different than mine and hopefully the stories shared here may inspire you throughout the process. We all look for THE answer. I can assure you that it’s inside of you, waiting to be unleashed. Until then, take a look around and see what speaks to you. Oh, and don’t forget to pour yourself a big glass of wine, sparkling water with a slice of cucumber, or anything that brings you joy. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will prevail and heck, you will take a better shot next time. 

My father’s career in the military moved me from coast to coast with a small stint overseas in Singapore. As an adult, I have continued the adventure of moving and currently call Phoenix, Arizona my home. The desert continues to surprise me. I enjoy the great outdoors, painting, and traveling with my pup Phoenix and husband, Jamie